Recycling of Metal Packaging

Metal packaging wastes collected separately from domestic waste is first separated based on material in collection/separation facilities.Here, aluminum, steel etc. is separated by using big magnet systems. The packaging wastes that are collected are pressed for transportation and storage ease.This decreases the volume.

As a result of this process metal packaging is brought to the facilities where they will be processed.Here, physical grinding process is done.

After the grinding process, it is turned into a molten form in high temperature ovens.The molten substance is poured into molds and metal blocks are created.It is then made ready for filling after it is shaped into aerosol, drink can, paint dye vat.

After filling and secondary packaging, it is ready to be marketed.Packaging is not the only thing produced from recycling of metal packaging.You may also consider bicycles, car parts, garbage cans and numerous other things.