About Us

ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association which brings together packaging manufacturers in Turkey was established in 1992 with the purposes of:

  • Fostering the growth of packaging industry;
  • Giving an identity to the sector,
  • Representing the sector in national and international arenas;
  • Establishing scientific, technical, and social cooperation and solidarity among members.

ASD has more than 200 company as members. The members can be grouped according to the main packaging material as follows;

  • Cardboard: Box and printed box
  • Corrugated cardboard: Corrugated board box, outercase, tray, corner post
  • Glass: Bottle, jar and similar glassware
  • Metal: Can, aerosol can, barrel, closure, aluminium can, sheet and foil
  • Flexible packaging: OPP, BOPP and Cast PP films, PVC, PE and BOPET films, their laminations with palier and aluminium foil, metallized films, their printed forms, adhesive tapes, etc.
  • Multilayered cardboard boxes for aseptic filling
  • Labels: All label product groups
  • Rigid plastic packaging: Plastic bottle, closure, IBC, barrel, drum, vessel, demijohn, sheet, plastic box, etc.
  • Woven (Rachel) bags and sacks, "big bag”s
  • Wooden box, case and pallets
  • Auxiliary materials: Ink, lacquer, adhesives, talie, roll cores, starlis, cushioning products and raw materials
  • Packaging machines

Thus, ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association has members that are active in every branch of the packaging sector in Turkey.