Recycling of Composite Packaging

Recycling and recovery processes of composite packaging is shown below.

Because the composite packaging collected is made from many materials used together, the recycling process consists of complex stages. After grinding and separation processes, paper and aluminum/polyethylene parts are separated. The recycled paper goes through several paper recycling processes and may be used in the production of napkings, toilet paper and corrugated cardboard. After the paper part is separated the remaining part (aluminum and polyethylene/ or other material) may be used as additional fuel in cement factories due to its high calorific value. It may again be recycled by burning for energy.

Another application is products manufactured in our country under the name of "yekpan”. After composite packaging is broken down and grinded, it can be turned into a chipboard like material by pressing.

The resulting product is water and humidity resistant enough to use in garden furniture.

You may view the video from the below link that shows the process in a Brasilian facility regarding the recycling of composite packaging.