Glass Packaging

The main ingredient in glass is sand. However materials produced using the pure silica glass are too fragile so soda is added to increase durability and decrease melting point temperature.

Limestone, dolomite, etc is added to the mix to increase the glass's resistance to the product to be placed within.Secondary materials such as broken pieces of glass are added to this "blend” during production and it is then heated to 1500°C and shaped into glass packaging.Using broken pieces of glass that has been through certain recycling processes provides technical and economic advantages.
Glass packaging has a shiny, smooth and easy to clean structure.It is also aesthetically pleasing due to being transparent.It is suitable for re-use.It is preferred by pharmaceutical and perfumery producers due to its properties such as not reacting to chemicals, high barrier properties, ease of sterilization.

Technical properties of glass has increased due to new techniques discovered for surface engraving and due to computer supported design, and its weight has been decreased compared to previous years and it is being produced in a variety of models..