Recycling of Glass Packaging

Glass packaging collected in recycle boxes after use and brought to licensed recycling facilities may be re-used in production after several processes.
Glass packaging brought to recycling facilities are separated according to color and are grinded and become broken glass ready for the oven.
Pieces of broken glass are put back in production.In this phase, silica sand, soda and pieces of glass are mixed.
This mixture becomes molten in high temperature ovens.
The molten glass is poured into molds according to the packaging desired.Secondary packaging is made for the cooled and ready to be filled glass.

The glass materials separated based on color in collection/separation facilities are used in the 100% secondary raw material production.Melting the broken glass and re-using aims to use less energy than the actual process.Water and air pollution is less in the recycling of glass than the actual glass production for raw material.
.At least one of each three glass packaging we use is made from recycled glass.Waste glass bottles and jars are used in the production of glass packaging.Other types of glass are not included in this process due to having different raw materials.

Energy saved as aresult of recycling one glass bottle equals to energy needed for;

  • 100 watt bulb to work for 1 hour,
  • One computer to work for 25 minutes,
  • One TV to work for 20 minutes,
  • One washing machine for to work10 minutes.