Turkish Packaging Industry Had a Great Success in Germany - Press Release

06 June 2017 12:37

Turkey's leading packaging companies participated in Interpack 2017 which is known worldwide as the largest fair of the industry. 191 stands from Turkey were situated in the fair this year which took place between May 4 and 10 in Germany, Dusseldorf. Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir in his capacity as the President of Packaging Manufacturers' Association (ASD) drew attention on the significance of important fairs such as Interpack in furtherance of expansion of market share on behalf of Turkey with his own remarks stating that "We have completed the year of 2016 with accomplished foreign trade surplus valued at USD 647 million. Quality, rapidity,logistics and geographical location along with reasonable and competitive pricing makes us attractive before Europe”.

The packaging industry which is one of the leading sectors of Turkey's export is continuing on towards growth trend without pausing. Turkey's prominent packaging companies aspiring to boost their market power and share in global markets and enter the vast new foreign markets have participated in Interpack 2017 which is known as the largest and the most comprehensive fair of the industry in Germany, Dusseldorf . 65 members of ASD have participated in the fair this year. Turkey was represented in Interpack Fair, 2017 by 180 companies and 191 separate stands overall. Turkey was ranked fourth among the participant countries following Germany, Italy and China in the fair during which the TurkisH packaging manufacturers accomplished to represent our country in as successful manner. On the other hand, Turkey ranked third by means of comparison of square-meter calculation leaving China behind.

Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir in his capacity as the President of ASD made the following evaluations pursuant to the fair drawing attention on the increasing share of Turkey's packaging industry in European market due to quality, rapidity, pricing and logistics: "Interpack which was visited by 170 thousand and 500 people this year is of crucial importance for us to increase our global competitiveness and our market share in foreign markets. The fair was all in all successful for the Turkish companies. The visitors were given the opportunity to view the quality of our products at close range and we have established new business connections. We have participated in Interpack Fair along with companies occupied mainly in flexible and rigid plastic packaging production but also supported by companies occupied in paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, metal packaging and label production. On the other hand, the packaging machines were potently exhibited throughout the fair. Quality, rapidity,logistics and geographical location along with reasonable and competitive pricing makes us attractive before Europe. Therefore, Interpack globally renowned as the largest packaging industry fair created highly significant opportunities for our sector.”

Eurasia Packaging Fair Is Next On Our Agenda

Sarıbekir stated that introduction and promotion of the 23rd Eurasia Packaging Fair to be held in Istanbul during October 25 and 28, 2017 which is going to be organized in collaboration with Reed Tuyap team was carried out with success and he remarked that "Eurasia Packaging Material incorporating exhibition of solutions intended for packaging material, food processing, packaging machinery and equipment is qualified as the most prestigious and the most comprehensive fair of the region. The fair was frequented by more than 55.000 visitors from 94 different countries last year which was organized by more than 1100 participants representing 37 countries.”

The Key Formula To Success: Value-Added Product and Innovative Technology

Reminding that all the packaging manufacturers are going hand in hand and taking firm steps forward with the intention of making Eurasia a packaging center, Sarıbekir proceeded on with his speech saying that: Despite the economic uncertainties worldwide and our challenging European competitors, we strive for ongoing expansion of new market shares. Our sector successfully performs value-added production. With the impact of our competitive power, we export to more than 180 countries, including the EU, the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus and the Balkans. Our distinguished objective is to reach a market size valued at USD 30 billion in 2023 and realize export transactions valued at USD 10 billion. The key to success lies in production of value-added products and developing new technologies. The Turkish packaging sector is achieving significantly successful operations in this sense. Considering that R & D and innovation are of crucial importance, we are developing new products to carry our industry a step further.

USD 3.8 Billion Of Export Revenue In 2016 From The Packaging Industry

The packaging sector realized 1.9 million tons of packaging export and generated USD 3.8 billion of export revenue in 2016. Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir having emphasized on the fact that Turkey's packaging export have increased by 13% based on amount and by decreasing the import transactions in comparison to the previous year, the foreign trade surplus of the sector was calculated as USD 647 million stated that "we, as the packaging manufacturers progressively sustained our contribution aiming to narrow the foreign trade deficit in 2016 which is one of the most vexed issues concerning Turkey's economy and accomplished foreign trade surplus valued at USD 647 million. Furthermore, we have delivered an outstanding performance above the average of Turkey in terms of import based unit price which was recorded as approximately USD 2/kg.


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