Turkish Packaging Industry Had a Foreign Trade Surplus

28 August 2018 17:46

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) has announced the import and export figures of Turkish Packaging Industry for the end of 2017 at a meeting. The export of the packaging industry, which completed the year without foreign trade deficit, increased by 8 percent in quantity and value in 2017 compared to the previous year. Packaging industry had a foreign trade surplus of $ 787 million in 2017.

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) has announced the import and export figures of Turkish Packaging Industry for the end of 2017 at a meeting organized on 25th April, Wednesday evening. The packaging industry continued its steady growth in 2017. According to year-end data released, the export of Turkish packaging industry, increased by 8 percent in quantity and value compared to 2016. Packaging exports amounted to 2 million 125 thousand tons at the end of 2017, worth 4 billion 145 million dollars. Packaging imports increased by 3 percent in quantity and 5 percent in value compared to the year 2016. In the framework of packaging importation, amounting to 1 million 765 thousand tons and value of 3 billion 358 million dollars, foreign trade surplus of the industry amounted to $ 787 million. Same amount of increase was observed in the first quarter of 2018.

Ranking Remained Unchanged in Exports

According to the package type, plastic packaging was ranked first with 65 percent share, while plastic packaging was followed by paper / cardboard packaging with 24 percent share, metal packaging with 8 percent share and glass packaging with 2 percent share. In 2017, the top three exporting countries have not changed. The most exported countries were Germany, Iraq, England, France, Israel, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, USA and Egypt, respectively. Germany, China, Italy, USA, South Korea, France, England, Finland, Spain and Belgium were ranked as the top 10 countries for importing in 2017. When the grand totals according packaging type in value are looked at, imported plastic packages accounted for 57%, paper / cardboard packages 35%, metal packages 6% and glass packages 2%.

We Will Be the Packaging Center of Eurasia President of ASD, Zeki Sarıbekir, speaking at the meeting, pointed out that the growth rate of Turkish packaging industry is about twice the growth of Turkey's economy each year, said: "As one of the most powerful non-governmental organizations of the Turkish packaging industry, we both make positive impact on the foreign trade surplus current deficit and increase our competitive power to increase our share from the international markets with the works we are carrying out. Turkish packaging industry is ranked 16-17th in the world and 6th in Europe. We hosted Morocco and Nigeria as honorary countries at the 2017 Eurasia Packaging Fair. Our 2018 target is to increase our exports in a region that includes neighboring countries, Europe and North Africa. We continue on our path with firm steps to become the packaging center of Eurasia. Our most important target in 2018 is to reach a market size of 23 billion dollars by growing 15% as an industry.

In the next 10 years, we can say that with the growth of the middle class, the dissemination of organized retail, the increase of prosperity level, competition and consumer expectancy, our industry growth will continue healthily. In the last 15 years, our packaging consumption has doubled and our per capita annual consumption has exceeded 225 dollars. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic in 2023 and we have three important targets as an industry; we want to increase annual consumption per capita by more than $ 300, reach a market size of $ 30 billion and achieve $ 10 billion in exports”.

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