Recycling of Packaging Prevents Environmental Pollution

24 September 2019 10:04

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), the umbrella organization of the packaging sector, drew attention to the importance of packaging use and recycling due to the 5 June World Environment Day. "Recycling of packaging is very important. Packaging is not garbage, on the contrary, materials that create economy. Recycling of packaging is a positive contribution to both the economy and the environment. In terms of attracting the attention of the public against environmental problems, the 5 June World Environment Day and Environment Week is very important" said Mr. Zeki Saribekir, President of ASD.

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) the umbrella organization of the packaging sector, drew attention to the importance of packaging use due to the 5 June World Environment Day and Environment Week, which is celebrated with various activities around the world in order to draw public attention and raise public awareness on environmental issues. Mr. Zeki Saribekir, President of ASD, said that packaging products remain hygienic, products cannot be sold and shipped without packaging. Emphasizing that no packaging is garbage, Zeki Sarıbekir continued his words as follows:

"With the added value created by packaging, our sector is among the rare sectors that contribute positively to the current account deficit of our country. Packaging is not garbage and recycling of the packaging is not a burden on the environment. On the contrary, packages are economic materials. With the recycling of packaging waste, we contribute to our country's economy and environment.”


Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir underlined that packaged foods prolong the average human life, said "Hygiene is essential in the production of food packaging. Properly packaged food and beverages reach the consumer in 'untouched' hygienic environment. As ASD, we believe that the life expectancy is extended with packaged food and beverages. As we always say, the packaging of the product you purchase is its assurance and every product should enter the packaging. The content, quantity, expiration date, manufacturer's name and address of the products we purchase are obtained from the information on the packaging.”


Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir stated that two important points in packaging production are of great importance and listed them as 'sustainability' and 'environment'. Today, very detailed studies are carried out for packaging production using the minimum possible material. People pollute the environment, not packaging. Leaving the packaging to nature or throwing it in the garbage does not only harm the future of our world but also our country and economy. All packaging can be recycled, recovered. Today, when we recycle one aluminum beverage can, we gain the energy to operate a television for three hours. Or by recycling 1 ton of paper, we save 17 trees from being cut. By recycling 1 ton of plastic, we save 5774 kw of electrical energy per hour. By using recycled glass in the production of new glass packaging, substantial energy savings can be achieved. Waste management and recycling sector in Turkey has become a market of 5 billion euros. However, we are still at 50% level in recycling. So we need to get over more ground."


Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir stated that ASD has carried out studies on packaging and environment, "As in modern countries, in Turkey too for the purpose of increasing recycling to advanced levels, we are conducting various activities to inform consumers and make them contribute to recycling. In addition, we have prepared the booklets named ‘Things We Should Know About Packaging and Environment' for children who are the assurance of our future and we have delivered them free of charge to children in schools. To date, we have made a total of 170,000 prints and distributed them throughout the country.” he said.

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