Recycled Packaging Contributes to Environment and Economy

19 June 2018 11:32

ASD, the umbrella organization of packaging industry, points out the importance of use of packaging and recycling on June 5, the World Environment Day. President of ASD, Zeki Sarıbekir said that the packages are not garbage. "Packaging and its recycling is not a burden to the environment. On the contrary, packaging is a material that creates an economy", said Sarıbekir.

Contributing to the development of packaging industry in Turkey and giving an identity to the industry, the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) points out the importance of using packaging on June 5, the World Environment Day. President of ASD, Zeki Sarıbekir emphasized that economic benefits are obtained and environmental pollution is prevented by recycling packages to the environment.

"We as a society need to pay attention to recycling of packaging wastes," Sarıbekir said, underlining that packaging ensures that products are delivered to consumers in a healthy and clean way without any contact. Sarıbekir underlined that no packaging is garbage and that packaging and recycling is not a burden to the environment; on the contrary, packaging is the material that creates an economy on the World Environment Day, which is celebrated with various activities worldwide to raise awareness of the public on environmental problems.

"We Work for Sustainable Packaging Production"

Zeki Sarıbekir highlighted the importance of two aspects in packaging production, namely "sustainability" and "environment". Informing that very comprehensive works are being carried out for packaging production by using materials as minimum as possible, Sarıbekir noted, "Throwing the packaging out does not only damage the future of world but also our country and economy. Today, when we recycle 1 aluminum beverage can, we can produce an energy to operate a TV for three hours. Or we can recycle 1 ton of paper to protect 17 trees from cutting.

"The Turkish waste management and recycling sector has become a market of 5 billion Euros. But we are still at 50 percent level in recycling. So we have quite a way to go."

ASD Works to Raise Children's Awareness

The Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association continues its efforts to inform about packaging and environment and distributes to the schools the complimentary handbook "Things We Should Know about Packaging and Environment" for the children, who are the assurance of our future. Also, ASD's information film on packaging and environment can be watched at .

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