Packaging Manufacturers Had Convened For ASD's General Assembly

03 August 2017 10:38

The 12th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) had been realized on June 14, 2017. Mr. M. Zeki Sarıbekir was unanimously elected as the President of ASD. Subsequent to General Meeting Session of ASD, the packaging industry convened for Traditional Fast-Breaking / Iftar Dinner Invitation.

The 12th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) which is comprised of 210 members actively involved in miscellaneous branches of the packaging industry had been realized on June 14, 2017 in Point Hotel Barbaros, İstanbul. As a consequence of voting procedure by secret ballot, the new board of directors and supervisory board of were designated in the wake of ASD's General Meeting which is an active association making efforts to contribute for development of Turkey's packaging industry and rendering services to achieve progress and strength in global markets since 1992. Mr. M. Zeki Sarıbekir was unanimously elected as the President.

Subsequent to General Meeting Session, distinguished group of invitees more than 200 comprised of the packaging manufacturers, representatives of the packaging sector and press convened for the annual Traditional Fast-Breaking/Iftar Dinner Invitation. Keynote speech of the invitation was made by the President Mr. M. Zeki Sarıbekir and ASD plaques were presented to the packaging manufacturers who recently became members of the Association. The economist Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin gave a presentation titled "Interpretation of Macroeconomic Data” and shared the updated economic data with ASD members during the Fast-Breaking / Iftar Dinner invitation hosted by Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association which convened the representatives and shareholders of the packaging industry for which the market size figured out at 20 billion dollars.

Mr. M. Zeki Sarıbekir summarized the current activities and the projects planned for the forthcoming period on behalf of ASD and cited his evaluation with regard to the results of 2017's first quarter: "The export volume of our sector increased by 15% during the first three months of 2017. We have concluded the first quarter with foreign trade surplus valued at 228 million dollars. Turkish Packaging Manufacturers are continuously gaining new market shares. Our sector had achieved 18 billion dollar of market size in 2016. 2 million tons of packaging material export to 180 different countries yielded return of 3.9 billion dollars in terms of export revenue. The foreign trade surplus of our sector figured out at 647 million dollars in 2016, hence we have sustained our escalated contribution to narrowing the foreign trade deficit which is explicitly one of the prominent problems of Turkey's economy. Nonetheless, we have delivered an outstanding performance above the average of Turkey in terms of import based unit price which was recorded as USD 2/kg. Besides, I would like to use this opportunity to convey my congratulations to 27 packaging sector companies of which 15 are our Association's members that achieved to be on the First 500 Large Industrial Enterprise list prepared and declared by Istanbul Chamber of Industry a few days ago.”

Mr. M. Zeki Sarıbekir continued on with his education abroad in UK subsequent to graduation from Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Sarıbekir worked for two different packaging companies abroad for two years following his master and in 1996 he took office within the incorporation of the family company titled Sarten Ambalaj A.Ş.. By virtue of his visionary and entrepreneurial perspective, Sarıbekir achieved to make Sarten one of the most prominent packaging companies in Turley and he has been fulfilling his duties as CEO since 2004 and as the Chairman of the company since 2009. Sarıbekir is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO), Aerosol Manufacturers' Association (ASAD), Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery Foundation (ÇEVKO), Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association (SEPA), Plastics Manufacturers Association (PAGDER), Turkish Plastics Manufacturers Research, Development and Training Foundation (PAGEV), and a member of the board of directors on behalf of Turkey - Bulgaria Business Council of (DEİK) Foreign Economic Relations Board and İstanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (İDDMİB). Sarıbekir holds councillorship duty in The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Turkish Packaging Assembly and in the meantime he is the board member of Metal Packaging Europe of which the headquarters is located in Brussels.


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