Judging of "Crescents and Stars for Packaging” Has Been Concluded

12 July 2018 10:16

The winners of the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the eighth time this year have been identified. 210 products were evaluated in 11 different categories, 114 packages were awarded. All the participants who came out in the competition can participate in both the WorldStar and AsiaStar competitions. The awards of all winners in Crescents and Stars for Packaging will be given on October 12 with a ceremony.

The Judging process of ‘the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition' organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the eighth time this year has been concluded. Attended by packaging manufacturers, brand owners and designers with their packages in the market and accepting applications from abroad for the third time this year, the competition drew a lot of attention. The competition is the only packaging competition in Turkey that is qualified and valid in the international arena as it was accredited by WPO-World Packaging Organization and APF-Asian Packaging Federation.

Meeting in ASD, the Professional Jury Members examined 210 products and evaluated the applications pursuant to 11 criteria. A total of 114 packages made it to the finals underthe lightof criteria from production quality to eco-friendliness and from design to uniqueness. The highest number of applications for the competition has been from the food, graphic design and beverage categories this year as well. The awards of winners of Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition 2018 will be given at a special Gala Night that will be held on October 12, 2018. Those who are given the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Competency awards from among the 114 finalist packages will be announced during the night. Maximum 3 ‘Gold Packaging Award' will be given to those from among the products which are entitled to receive ‘Gold Award' in collaboration with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

"We are proud and happy to reward the successful works of Turkish companies in the area of packaging. We will continue to organize our competition biennially for our Turkish Packaging Industry to switch from passive status to aleadingposition in the global markets.TheCrescents and Stars for Packaging Competition is indicated to be among the most valuable awards in Turkey in 2018, applications from abroad are accepted starting from 2015 and unique packaging designs, different and innovative packaging applications that leave their mark on the industry worldwide are rewarded.” said Zeki Sarıbekir, President of ASD , who mentioned that they are happy to reward the achievements of Turkish Packaging Companies.

Recognition in the international platform

"All participants who win the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition, which is accredited by the World Packaging Organization (WPO) and Asia Packaging Federation (APF) can participate in the WorldStar and AsiaStar competition's as well. Focusing on added value with the WorldStar and AsiaStar international packaging competitions, our industry offers recognition in the international platform” said Sarıbekir , mentioning that all participants who win the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition will be able to take part in international competitions as well.

Export to 180 countries

"The products of Turkish Packaging Industry are exported to 180 countries worldwide. Turkish Packaging Manufacturers continue to gain new markets. Turkish packaging industry takes decisive steps on the way to be the packaging center of Eurasia. As packaging manufacturers, export and modernization always come first for us. We continuously invest in R&D and innovation. Now we believe that Automation and Industry 4.0 will become much more important in our industry” said Sarıbekir , highlighting that Turkey continues to gain new markets in the packaging industry.

You can access the list of finalist products in the Crescents and Stars for Packaging Competition 2018 by clicking this link.


ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association

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