Export is on the Rise While Import Declines in Packaging

12 September 2019 12:10

One of the major countries of the region in packaging production, Turkey maintains its strong position in 2019. In particular, the great increase in foreign trade surplus as observed in the data from Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the first half of the year drew a lot of attention.

70 Percent Increase

The packaging industry increased its packaging export to 1.26 million tons with 11 percent increase in the first half of 2019 whereas it was 1.13 million tons in the first half of 2018 and achieved 2 billion 323 million dollars in value with 1 percent increase. A striking decrease was observed in import during the same period. 900,000 tons in the first half of 2018, packaging import shrunk to 720,000 tons during the same period in 2019. In terms of value, import declined from 1 billion 767 million dollars to 1 billion 405 million dollars, scoring 20 percent reduction.

Thus, foreign trade surplus in the packaging industry increased from 539 million dollars to 918 million dollars, namely by 70 percent in the first half of the year compared to the same period last year.

Turkey exported to UK, Germany, Iraq, Israel and Italy the most this year and made its highest amount of import from Germany, China, Italy, USA and France.

Zeki Sarıbekir: The Second Half Will be Even Better

Evaluating the first half of the year in the packaging industry, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir, President of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) said the positive contribution of the industry to current deficit is increasing.

Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir said, "As the packaging industry, we need to work to make higher amounts of export and to export at least half the packaging we produce in Turkey”.

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