Call of Packaging: “We Preserve Food. You Protect Environment”

07 April 2020 12:15

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) continues the campaign started two years ago with "Choose Packaged Food” motto with messages underlining the importance of recycling. Purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about use of packaged food and recycling of packaging.

ASD that bring leading companies of the sector together under the same roof in order to contribute to development of packaging sector, continues its awareness raising campaign with "Choose Packaged Food” motto it launched two years ago to support use of packaged foods with the additional importance of recycling this year. In the renewed campaign packaging of fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, and various foods gives messages of why packaged foods must be consumed, that packaging are not waste, and that they can be recycled.

Drawing attention to the key role packaging play in terms of food safety, President of ASD Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir said the following about this campaign: "Our messages and designs specially created for our campaign that has been going on for two years were visible at Kanyon, Zorlu Center, Mall of İstanbul, Akasya, Optimum, Trump, Özdilek, and Galleria Shopping Malls together with Modyo TV on metro and tram lines between January 27th and February 2nd this year. We aim to explain the importance of packaging to the public. For this reason, we talked through food and tried to explain how packaging keeps foods fresh, how they prevent spoils and waste, and how healthy packaging is. Also we touched upon how packaging must not be thrown into the garbage and how everyone can contribute by recycling. We take this seriously because by recycling we contribute not only to environment but also to the national economy. Leaving packaging to nature or throwing them into the garbage damages not just our world's future but also our country and economy. All packaging can be recycled and recovered. Today when we recycle one aluminum beverage can we recover energy that can work a television for three hours or by recycling 1 ton of paper we keep 17 trees alive. Recycling 1 ton of plastics helps us economize 5774 kw of electrical energy in an hour. By recycling only one glass bottle we economize enough electrical energy to keep a computer working for 25 minutes and a television for 20 minutes. For our health, our environment, and our country we must prefer packaged foods.”

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