53 Major Companies of the Packaging Industry Appear in İSO 1000

10 August 2018 13:53

53 packaging companies, including 30 ASD (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association) members appeared in 2017 in İSO First 500 and İSO Second 500 (İSO 1000) Major Industrial Establishments, which are annually announced by İSO.

Results of "Turkish Second 500 Major Industrial Establishments" survey 2017 prepared by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) have been announced. Accordingly, 53 packaging companies, including 30 ASD members appear in the list of Turkey's greatest 1000 companies.

Zeki Sarıbekir, President of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), the umbrella organization of the Turkish packaging industry evaluated the results. Mentioning that the number of companies appearing in İSO 1000 saw a decline from 61 to 53 considering the annual change in the packaging industry, Sarıbekir said that sales from production made by these 53 companies increased about 37.78 percent. According to Sarıbekir, in 2017, among all the İSO 1000 Major Industrial Establishments, packaging industry companies accounted for 3.2 percent of sales from production, 0.9 percent of profit for the period, 1.4 percent of exports, and 1.9 percent of number of employees.

'We must be able to export at least half the packages we produce'

Congratulating the 53 packaging companies appearing in the list, Sarıbekir said "We attach great significance to R&D and innovation and develop value added products and new technologies in order to carry our industry to higher levels throughout the packaging industry. Considering the current economic conditions in Turkey, we observe that we need to make more export with each passing day. We aim to be the packaging base of Eurasia. We need to act with the goal of managing to export at least half the packages we produce in Turkey".

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